Custom handmade glass straws from Healthwealth.Fitness, inc. 

Our high quality Borosilicate Glass Straws are non-toxic and will not cause any health problems.

Glass straws are reusable, environmentally friendly. The same straws can be used for years.

Beautifully crafted glass straws, this borosilicate glass is shatter-resistant, can be used for drinking virtually anything, from hot to cold drinks, smoothies to shakes, lemonade, protein shakes, cocktails, hot chocolate & more! They comes in stylish colors, so you can easily distinguish your drink from the rest.

Simply rinse them out after every use , or use cleaning brush, these brushes are long enough to clean the whole straw and can get rid of any accumulated stain or bacteria.

Size: 180 x 8 mm
Colors: Transparent, Light green, Champagne, Yellow, White and Green.

Bpa-free reusable glass straws