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London Mixup

Updated: Mar 13

I remember traveling to Europe my first in the early 2000‘s and I was on my way to Spain flying from JFK to Malaga airport. I was super excited to go to Europe for the first time and I was going to visit some family I had in Spain.  I got a great  deal which was only a few hundred dollars with only a layover. My layover landed in LHR and I was scheduled to take a connecting flight within the next three hours, so I have plenty of time to Peruse. Stopping to shop at LHR was an amazing experience and the food options galore was a culture high for me. Eager to get to my next plane I wanted to find my gate early and relax. As I wondered the corridors for 10s of minutes I began to feel lost. I immediately Found an airline staff employe and asked where my gate was.  she looked extremely puzzled. Asking several other employees at the airport I stumbled on one airline attendant that was very weary to break the news to me. She began to tell me my next flight was an alternate neighboring airport. Upset and confused realizing My next plane was leaving from Gatwick airport. Not reading the fine print I  was supposed to take a free shuttle from our LHR to Gatwick and make my connecting flight. Nervous and paranoid,  I begin to wonder what where my options. I had the option to  catch another flight at LHR which was much later in day  and more expensive or I can try to make my way to the airport which was around 69 miles away. As a New Yorker I thought quickly on my feet and decided to take a cab from London Heathrow to Gatwick airport. The driver was extremely friendly and welcoming. This was probably the most expensive cab ride i have taken my life tallying up to 140 pounds one way. I arrive at the appropriate airport was able to check in and make my flight. This was significantly Cheaper than booking an alternate flight and keeping my time. I never felt more relieved. My suggestion to any traveler going to order through London check your airports and be knowledgeable of your flight path.

Pascal Hyppolite PTA, CEO of Healthwealth.Fitness


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