Pascal Hyppolite CEO & Founder


As a 12 year Licensed Therapist PTA and entrepreneur, I am offering a wealth of

knowledge to millennial's, Seniors, teenagers and peers of

all walks of life. I can understand the determination to do

more, and the uncomfortable feeling of familiarity.

Specialized working in a rehabilitation, sports medicine,

pediatrics and geriatric care settings, I possess vision to see

where changes can be made for long lasting positive

effects. We are all one;  Health is wealth ! 




We are in business to provide elite services in physical wellness, nutrition, health and wealth tips. We offer consultations to assist our clients in finding the right path for success in health and wellness. We offer education of health, total body exercise enhancement, balance training skills, vital sign monitoring, pre-operative / post-operative surgery, events, classes  and meal Prep plans. We provide knowledge with the workouts, motivation, meditation training, homemade smoothies and so much more. We will provide premium video documentation of progression of training session. Contact us for your free consultation.



     Corporate success techniques for business:


Our success plan is dedicated to cater to your company's specific needs. Whether it's to plan company outings or day trips;  We work with Tour guides and local restaurants to provide premium destinations.(We also provide on site workshops) Implementing success and stress relieving techniques to boost productivity and self morale. We organize Feel good events/classes to help everyone feel better and be more productive. Success classes have potential to enhance health, manage stress, improve production ,and have fun!



 Meal preparation efficiency:


How to win in fitness internal and external, it will start with what you put in your body. Food is the original medicine and prevention is best cure, we will tailor a specific meal plan that will help improve your performance and be adequate to your budget. Win health wise and financially. Micro nutrient dense meals is all that we need for fuel consistent achievement.



What we offer:

Cooking classes

Food Shopping recommendations

Smoothie classes

Farmer's market tours

Meal planning for vacation

Premium yoga destinations 

Elite travel consulting

Shopping Consulting

Home design

Corporate success program

Personal Health and wellness education

Health lifestyle manager

and so much more....





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